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Do Mosquitoes Really Prefer People with Type O Blood?

Do Mosquitoes Really Prefer People with Type O Blood?

What's your blood type? Have you ever been standing outside, get bitten by mosquitoes while the person right next to you is untouched? Yes, mosquitoes bite some people more than others. You might be a mosquito magnet for your blood type, especially the type O blood.  


Studies have found people with Type O blood attracted more mosquitoes than those in the other blood groups. In a study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, mosquitoes landed on people with Type O blood twice as much as people with Type A blood. People with type AB blood were bitten the least, while people with Type B blood fell somewhere in the middle.

 Mosquitoes Really Prefer People with Type O Blood

But the blood type is not the only factor for you are attracted by more mosquitoes. There are some other important factors like Metabolism and genetics, Bacteria, drinking beer and being pregnant.


If you are more attractive for mosquitoes for your blood type or other factors, now how do you defend for yourself and get rid of these annoying mosquitoes? Here we offer several effective ways that will be greatly helpful for you, whether at home or outdoor.


1. Mosquito Killers Highly Recommended for You

Mosquito killers have different types, including mosquito killer lamp, mosquito killer bug, mosquito zapper, and mosquito killer trap. You can pick the specific mosquito killer for use at home or for yard.

No chemical and delicate design make it safe and super popular. It is widely used for various occasions like the bedroom, warehouse, backyard. Especially, the mosquito killer lamps are more suitable for families with kids. (Know more about DEKINMAX Insect killer Mosquito lamp)

2. Mosquito Larvicides

Mosquito Larvicides

3. Mosquito Sprays

Mosquito Sprays

4. Other Options

Mosquito fogger

Mosquito repellent light/lantern

Mosquito repellent candle/torch

Mosquito repellent sticks

Mosquito fogger



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