New Release: Effective DEKINMAX Electric Mosquito Trap

New Release: Effective DEKINMAX Electric Mosquito Trap

Recently, we have launched a new Electric Mosquito Trap. This new trap is effective for controlling the mosquitos and small insects. Unlike our hot mosquito killer lamp, this one is smaller and easy to carry away. Now let’s have a look at it!


Effective Electric insect trap

DEKINMAX mosquito traps are equipped with high-intensity 4W UV light, which effectively draws flying insects into the device and is destroyed by the high voltage network. The insect's body falls to the bottom of the collection bin for easy cleaning. Our equipment is very effective against mosquitoes, flies, moths and other flying insects


Environmentally friendly and safe

DEKINMAX UV Insect Killer contains no chemicals and does not produce toxic gases. Physically eliminate harmful insects without endangering the environment and human health


Lightweight and protective

DEKINMAX mosquito trap made of lightweight and high-quality materials, you can always move them. At the same time, a structure was added to prevent an electric shock in the device. Protect children and pets effectively from electric shock


Easy to use and easy to clean

Plug the mosquito lamp into a power outlet. Make sure that the device immediately eliminates all annoying flies, faster than other products. Built-in, a removable plastic bucket that absorbs dead insects and can be easily removed. Convenient for you to dispose of and clean.



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