How to Choose A Mosquito Killer Lamp?

How to Choose A Mosquito Killer Lamp?

How to Choose A Mosquito Killer Lamp?

Many people spend their summertime swimming, hiking, riding bikes, and caring for their lawns. They work in their gardens, planting flowers and vegetables. They also must take on the role of the fighter because every summer when the people come out of their homes, the mosquitoes or bugs come out of their winter slumber as well. If you are not a fan of spraying your body and surroundings with foul-smelling toxic sprays, you will be very happy with a more high-tech solution to the problem — the electric mosquito killer lamp.

Electric mosquito killer lamp is used to attract the flying insects by black light, such as flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other flying insects, and then the electrically charged, high voltage metal grids will electrocute the insects. For various mosquito killer lamps, how do you choose the best mosquito killer lamp? There are some useful tips for you. Check it now!

  1. Safety

Most electric mosquito killer lamps feature safety cages or gutters to shield you from the electrical grid so it is absolutely safe to use in any area of your home including a child's bedroom and does not cause any harm to humans or pets.

They adopt the special designed black light tube (ultra-violet rays) and use no chemicals that are completely harmless to human bodies and pets.

  1. Power

The power source affects where you can install a mosquito killing device and how much upkeep it needs. For instance, all Dekinmax mosquito killer lamp emits a special kind of heat and light — 365nm wavelength is especially attractive to insects and the curved design makes sure that the purple light is emitted from all sides of the device guaranteeing a 360-degree area coverage. This means that no mosquitoes or bugs in the vicinity will escape the trap.



  1. Easy to Clean

With detachable design, the lamps are super easy to clean and use. All you will need to do is detach the bottom part of the lamp, discard the dead insects and place it back on — your lamp is ready for action once again. What's more, this particular model comes with large capacity "mosquito storage", you won't have to clean the lamp often.



  1. Quiet and Unobtrusive

Most mosquito killer lamps use a very faint yet very effective purple light, which can get rid of the annoying insects quickly but won't make you uncomfortable. Despite being equipped with a strong suction fan (the one that traps all the bugs inside), the lamps only produce 35dB of noise, which can be compared to a gentle whisper and won't interrupt your beauty sleep.



  1. Applicable Occasions

Different mosquito killer lamps are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, or even for both! Their sizes are another factor you may consider. Especially if you want to use a mosquito killer indoors, size matters! Outside, bigger may be better. Normally, these mosquito insect killer lamps are ideal for many occasions like houses, factories, food shops, butcher’s storage, hospitals, etc.



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