DEKINMAX Mosquito Killer Lamp | You Need It for Summer

DEKINMAX Mosquito Killer Lamp | You Need It for Summer

The summer is coming soon. Many people will spend their happy summertime in their backyard or outside. And a mosquito killer lamp will be super useful for them to get rid of the annoying mosquitoes and flying insects. Here we strongly recommend our hot DEKINMAX Insect Killer Mosquito Lamp.

Why do you need this hot mosquito killer lamp for summer?

Dekinmax has focused on the insect and mosquito control gear for many years. And this hot mosquito killer lamp features with safety and easy operation. It can be used on various occasions like the bedroom, backyard, family parties, barbecue, warehouse, etc. There are detailed features of Dekinmax mosquito killer lamp.

The simple and effective electrical insect trap
Equipped with high-intensity 6W UV light, which effectively draws flying insects into the device and is destroyed by the high-voltage network. The insect's body falls to the bottom of the collection bin for easy cleaning. Our equipment is very effective against mosquitoes, flies, moths and other flying insects.

mosquito killer lamp

Environmentally friendly and safety
No chemicals and does not produce toxic gases. Physically eliminate harmful insects without endangering the environment and human health.

mosquito killer bug

Light and Protective
Made of light and high-quality materials, you can move them at any time. At the same time a structure was added to prevent an electric shock in the device. Protect children and pets effectively from electric shock.

mosquito killer indoor

Easy to use and easy to clean
The device can be used not only on the ground, but also in ideal air. The bottom of the device is a removable tray. Cleaning tools ensure easy cleaning, environmental protection and ease of use.

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Professional Service 
If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please contact us. We are available around the clock. We offer 100% guarantee and 24 months warranty. If there is a problem with the product, please contact us and we will refund a 100% refund.

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Effective area: 25 m2

Rated voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption: ca.6.5W

Bulb Type: UV-Stable Tube (about 6W)

Material: ABS plastic housing

Voltage at the electrodes: 1.000 V / 5 mA




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